Honoring Our Veterans

November 10, 2013

OHIO VALLEY — As we come upon another Veterans Day, readers of The Sunday Times-Sentinel were asked through our Facebook pages to share messages with the region’s veterans and those in active service. Following are some responses we received:

“I am so very thankful for all you guys and gals do for [our] freedom. I wish you guys all the best always and keep you in my prayers. Be safe and always know you have prayers coming your way. Keep your head up and a smile on your face and never give up” — The [Jennifer] Williams Family, Gallipolis, OH

“Me and my family are very thankful for all the veterans for all they have sacrificed, and a big thank you goes out to my father-in-law who served in Vietnam. Thanks again, men and women. Always remember, America will always love and honor you all.” — Gary Allen Hesson, Jeffersonville, IN

“I wish to express my sincere gratitude and reverence to all of the veterans who served the greatest country on earth.” — Ohio Rep. Ryan Smith and Family, Bidwell, OH

“Thank you to all past, present and future veterans. It’s amazing what each [and] every one of you do, have done and will do. Sacrifice is an ultimate, and your sacrifice is more than appreciated. Again from our hearts we thank you.” — The [Josh and Jenn] Harkins Family, Vinton, OH

“Thank you so much for fighting for our freedom and everything you have done for us and our country! We appreciate you and your service!” — Love, the [Jessica Daniels] Reed Family

“I am so thankful for my freedom and the fact that I have many family members that are veterans, but my dad Bobby Damron, my best friend Mark Taylor, Andrea Neutzling and Josh Buzzard mean the world to me! I love you guys and appreciate the sacrifice!” — Jennifer Hatfield Damron, Middleport, OH

“I want to thank all of the veterans, past and present, who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms. I have grandparents and cousins whom I’m proud to say have served, but most of all, my wonderful husband Lee Burnem, Jr. and his dad Lee Burnem, Sr. One of these days in the far future, I hope I can also say that one or more of my three boys followed their daddy’s footsteps. God bless America and our veterans!” — April Collins Burnem, Pomeroy, OH

“Truly thankful for freedom that comes from the sacrifice of so many servicemen and women. The Smith Family honors your sacrifice, and we know our freedoms would not exisit without you. God bless all veterans, those currently serving and God bless America.” — Randy Smith, Pomeroy, OH