Building homes for Wounded Warriors

Charlene Hoeflich

January 10, 2014

POMEROY — Copies of a cookbook called “Servings of Love for our Wounded Warriors” written by Terri Santigo to raise funds for a housing program for those severely injured in battle, are available at The Fabric Shop in Pomeroy.

Santigo’s cookbook is a work of love for her son, Chris, who was severely wounded in Iraq on Sept. 16, 2006, when he stepped on an explosive device.

The graduate of Parkersburg High School lost both legs below the knees and suffered major injuries to his left arm.

His mother created the cookbook which is filled with submitted recipes and sells it as a way of honoring her son while benefit a housing program for severely injured veterans. As of last year, 134 houses had been built and 38 more were in progress. They are constructed at no cost to the injured veterans receiving them. Her son Chris and his family reside in one of the homes in Queen Anne, Md. which was constructed in a way that allows him to move around easily inside.

The nonprofit organization “Homes for Our Troops” was founded in 2004. The proceeds from “Servings of Love for our Wounded Warriors ” cookbook, now in its fourth printing, goes directly into that housing program.

The 270-page book contains recipes for everything from pasta to pies. To date 5,200 copies have been printed and about $75,000 has been contributed to the Wounded Warriors home building projects. Of this latest printing only 40 remain to be sold. They are at The Fabric Shop where Santigo, who lives in Parkersburg, is a regular customer.

In the forward of the book prepared by the mother of Chris she asked that “we always remember our heroes, those who go forth and fight our battles, those who have returned safe and sound, those who have returned as “wounded warriors” and those who will not be returning.”