Computers for Students

By Charlene Hoeflich

April 6, 2014

POMEROY — The collection of used, but repairable, computers in the “Computers for Students” program initiated by Iva Sisson a few weeks ago is moving right along.

The program is geared to providing students who do not have access to computers in their homes with one so that they can complete their after-school assignments.

As pointed out by Sisson, “In this electronic age, having a computer to work on at home is almost a necessity — particularly for middle and high school students, if they are to keep up with their school work.”

While the schools have computers for students to use during study hall and for a time after school, it does not always provide enough time to complete an assignment, she said. The result is many students without computers at home fall behind because they cannot access the material they need to complete their homework.

In Meigs County, where unemployment is high and economically disadvantaged families are prevalent, purchase of a computer for the home is not possible. Inspired by that fact, Sisson took on the project and began collecting computers from individuals and businesses where equipment had been updated and the old put in storage. They were taken to Meigs High School, where a technology class is refurbishing each piece and making it ready for delivery to students.

Since many residents do not have access to the Internet, students will be putting their assignments on a flash drive, open it on a home computer, download the material, reload it when assignments have been completed, and take it back to school the next day.

While progress is being made on collecting computers, and students are progressing with the repair work, there is still a need for money with which to purchase repair parts and accessories to get the program moving along a little faster.

Contributions so far have come from Al Dettwiller, of Dettwiller True Value Lumber; John Thomas, of Valley Lumber; Meigs Cooperative Parish, King Ace Hardware, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Abbott, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kloes, Mason VFW post, Sharon Biggs, The Daily Sentinel, Feeney-Bennett Post 128, American Legion, Ohio Valley Bank, Meigs County Jobs and Family Services and Meigs County Library.

To make a donation of either a computer or money to support the program, contact Sisson at 742-2187.

An account for donations has also been set up at Farmers Bank.