Grange passes resolution on Highway Patrol practices

By Charlene Hoeflich

April 22, 2014

RACINE — A resolution calling for the Ohio State Highway Patrol to discontinue practices of “setting up speed traps inside corporation limits — sometimes on county roads, and even within villages” — was passed by members of the Racine Grange at a recent meeting.

In a report on the meeting from Keith Ashley, legislative agent for the Grange, it was stated that for the Ohio State Highway Patrol to work within village corporation limits is a “waste of taxpayers money since all the villages have police officers.”

Members also discussed information on the laws of the state that, according to Ashley, say there is no such thing as a “vehicular accident” — that when an accident is investigated by the Ohio Highway Patrol, they have to issue a citation no matter what. Members reportedly cited instances in which innocent drivers were allegedly ticketed for this reason. The Grange voted to ask for a change in Ohio law to end the practice of “requiring a traffic citation at every vehicular mishap,” Ashley said.

A discussion on the current waste in the federal government occurred at the meeting, where it was pointed out by the legislative agent that under federal law, “any money allotted in the federal budget must be completely spent by the end of the fiscal year causing federal bureaucracies to rush in the last month of the fiscal year to spend any money remaining — often wasting it.” The members voted to ask for a change in federal law to stop the requirement of spending all money budgeted to federal agencies, except the military.

Three new members were voted into membership and will be inducted at the April meeting. At that meeting a baking contest will also be held.

The Grange youth recently took a trip to an Ohio University hockey game. The Grange is looking at the possibility of one of its youth members participating as a trumpet girl in the 7th degree at National Grange session in November.

The agriculture chairman reported that the national farm bill has been passed, but that details have not been released. A recent study found that bumblebees are now experiencing the same deadly disease that is causing colony collapse. This puts crops that need pollination in danger, it was reported. Also it was noted that Asian carp are almost to the Great Lakes. These fish kill all the rest of the fish, and fishing is important to the Great Lakes.

It was announced that Josephine Hill received the Degree of Pomona recently. The degree will be given again at Star Grange in September for those that need it to get the higher degrees.

After months of waiting, the Ohio Auditor’s Office has finally granted Racine Grange an exemption on real estate taxes. Thanks were extended to the Meigs County auditor, Mary Dyer-Hill, for her help in getting this done. The grange will now begin working on its incorporation.

A card was sent to the Reiber family. Members welcomed two-day old Lynn Elaine Yost, daughter of Stephen and Samantha Yost, to her first meeting. There will be a potluck dinner prior to the April Grange meeting.