Meigs DAR observes 106th nniversary

By Charlene Hoeflich

May 8, 2014

POMEROY — The 106th anniversary of Return Jonathan Meigs Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution was highlighted with a visit from the Ohio State Regent Sandy McCann, and the recognition of longtime members, including a tribute to the late Pauline Atkins, a 61-year member, by Joe Bolin.

McCann’s program highlighted the goal of the organization and the work being completed and needed at the Wadschmidt Farm. She described the DAR as a service organization and the amount of volunteer work being done by the members. She noted that last year more than 3 million hours was donated nationwide by the membership.

She announced the national conference to be held in June and a tour of the DAR supported schools in the fall. She described the goals of each of the schools and tagged the DAR as very much a service organization.

Recognized and presented National Society membership certificates were Cleo Smith, 10 years; Patricia Holter, 30 years; Norma Tussian, 30 years; Sharon Jewell, 25 years; and Mary Rose, 50 years.

Opal Grueser, Meigs regent, spoke of the achievements of Bolin in conservation among which was spearheading the development of the Pauline Adkins Memorial Trail located at the Meigs SWCD Conservation Area on New Lima Road. Atkins was an active member of the local chapter for 61 years. He was presented certificates from the local chapter in recognition of is conservation work, and by the National Society of the DAR for his outstanding community service presented by McCann.

A luncheon preceded the program which opened in ritualistic form with piano accompaniment by Donna Jenkins, chapter chaplain. Peggy Moore had the anniversary prayer. There was a display showing chapter activities.

A committee was appointed to prepare a slate of proposed officers for 2014-16 to be announced at the next meeting, which will be held at the Chester Academy. A tree planting cereomy on the Chester Commons will take place before the business meeting. A native flower bed will also be developed at that time.