There is a way to countermand secular correctness

By Pastor Ron Branch

May 16, 2014

The Scripture demonstrates and defines a means of countermanding the influence of secular correctness. It is not the only Scriptural way, but nonetheless a way of considerable effectiveness.

It is understandable that secular correctness is touted, advanced and embraced by those outside the church. But, it is absolutely unconscionable for people identified with the church to do the same when secular opinion is opposite of what the Word of God says.

This becomes an explicit exhortation for church people as God through Jeremiah the Prophet stipulated, “Learn not the way of the heathen.” This as a specific warning to Israel meant that they should not fall to Babylon’s brand of idolatry. But for us, this means that Christians should not comply with what secular correctness (a form of idolatry in that it displaces the pre-eminence of God) puts forth in a mainstream manner for all to accept.

For example, Christians should stand firm that being acceptant of sodomy goes against God’s revealed will, because God stipulated one man for one woman. Being participatory with pornography goes against God’s will, because we are instructed not to set evil before our eyes. Being in favor of abortion goes against God’s will because God is protective of life in a mother’s womb.

Being participatory in gambling goes against God’s will because gambling breaks the Tenth Commandment. Being tolerant of laws that approve marijuana usage goes against God’s will because it is the equivalent of calling evil good. The Bible is the definer of God’s guidelines for the people of church, which should not deviate from them in either thought or practice.

But for many it becomes hard not to embrace secular perspectives, though the Word of God says otherwise. This is indicative from the standpoint that church people are obviously changing over their thinking from what God thinks to what the world thinks. But, there is a simple and effective way for staying true to God’s expectations despite the influences that bear down on the church. It is found in the simple but dynamic principle of praise to God.

In the same Scriptural context of “Learn not the way of the heathen” and the prophetic commentary on their ways, Jeremiah inspirationally countermands the way of the heathen with words of praise to God. The reason for praise to God is clear. Though being bombarded with rhetoric and opinion to get the people of the Church to agree, praise of God effectively keeps God in the mainstream of personal thinking and feeling.

Consider the exemplification given. When Jeremiah said, “Learn not the way of the heathen,” he countermanded it with praise to God, “For there is none like unto you, O Lord; you are great, and your name is great in might.” When a church person keeps the greatness of God in mental focus, there is no thought that can devalue the expectations of God.

After citing another example of false thinking, Jeremiah responds with another series of praise words to God. He uplifts the priority of God by saying, “But the Lord is the true God, He is the living God, and the everlasting King.” This certainly calls into question as to whom are you going to listen to. Are you going to listen to the true God, the living God, and the everlasting King? Or, will you heed to the opinions of the secular analysts? There is a huge difference to consider, do you not think?

Jeremiah points out that God has “uttered His voice.” Has it ever occurred to you that God is more “modern” than we are? It is found in the fact that God is not only in the present — not only in the present — but also in the future. Yet, His stated expectations in the Bible are just as pertinent regardless of how “modern” we think ourselves to be. The old fashion is actually the new modern

The next time you listen to a news commentary which extols an opinion to accept that a Christian should not accept, praise God and His greatness to countermand it — for your sake and for God’s glory.